Beyoncé surprises Coachella crowd by joining sister Solange onstage unannounced

The pair perform a dance routine during 'Losing You'

Beyonce made a special, unannounced appearance last night (April 12) at the Coachella Valley Festival of Music and Arts in California.

The pop superstar arrived onstage in a fedora and floral outfit during the last song of her sister Solange‘s set in the Gobi tent. The large crowd began screaming and shouting as soon as Beyoncé was spotted onstage and the grinning siblings performed a synchronised dance routine together to ‘Losing You’ and then hugged as the track came to an end.

Solange’s set also saw her tackling a minimal neo-soul version of Kate Bush‘s 1985 single ‘Cloudbusting’ as well as her version of Dirty Projectors‘ ‘Stillness Is The Move’. Introducing ‘Cloudbusting’, Solange said the song was by one of her favourite artists and that she’d been dropping hints to her boyfriend to get her tickets to Bush’s comeback shows this summer in London.