Beyoncé’s ‘Partition’ will cause unwanted pregnancies, according to Fox News pundit

Bill O'Reilly launches tirade against the singer during interview with Def Jam founder Russell Simmons

Beyoncé’s video for her track ‘Partition’ could cause unwanted pregnancies, according to Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly – watch it above.

The presenter launched the attack on the pop singer during an interview with Def Jam records founder Russell Simmons. During the interview, which you can watch above, the host labelled the video as “exploitative garbage” and suggested that it will encourage teenage pregnancy among young women, in particular African American young women who he said looked up to the singer.

According to O’Reilly, the video “glorifies having sex in the back of a limousine”. He continued: “Girls look up to Beyoncé, particularly girls of colour. She’s an idol to them… I’m saying: Why on earth would this woman do that? Why would she do it when she knows the devastation that unwanted pregnancies – and fractured families – why would Beyoncé do that?”


Beyoncé, O’Reilly insisted, has “an obligation to protect children” and not to put out “exploitative garbage”.

Simmons, who had come on the programme to discuss his book on meditation hit back at the tirade, saying: “She’s a brilliant artist. And she’s not only appreciated by people of colour, as you know, she’s really one of the top artists in the world to people of every colour.”

“The artist’s job throughout history has been to tell the same things that people are inspired by,” he said. “So when an artist expresses something that is sexual in music, it’s a reflection of our reality.”

Yesterday, a video showing Beyoncé in a video to promote a campaign to ban the word “bossy” was revealed online.

The singer is part of the Ban Bossy campaign, which was created by the Girl Scouts of USA and LeanIn.Org, a non-profit founded Facebook’s chief operating officer by Sheryl Sandberg. It’s aim is to prevent young women being put off expressing ambition over fears of being labelled bossy.