‘Beyoncé scrapped her record’ claims producer Diplo

Major Lazer producer reveals he contributed two songs to an album he now believes has been ditched

Major Lazer producer Diplo has claimed that Beyonce has scrapped her new album and begun work on it all over again.

The producer, who worked with Beyoncé on her hit single ‘Run The World (Girls)’, revealed in a new interview that he was approached to work on the new album by the former Destiny’s Child singer but that he believes the ideas he contributed were part of a batch of songs which have subsequently been scrapped.

“I just did two songs for her new album, well, I tried,” Diplo told The Sun. “I think she scrapped the record. The record was supposed to be done and they have been hitting me up for brand new ideas. I like to work from scratch, [but] sometimes I get called in to fix records.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Diplo revealed he is working on new material for both Chris Brown and Katy Perry. “I just did some stuff with Katy Perry, I don’t know if it will come out. She’s so confident and has a great voice. I always worry about making the pop tracks too weird, but then if people want a Diplo record they must know I’m going to be fucking weird.”

Earlier this year, US singer Ne-Yo revealed that Beyoncé is still working on her long-awaited new album, saying that fans will have to be “patient” for the record to arrive. Like Diplo, the R&B singer has worked on Beyoncé’s new material and revealed the singer and her team are still “trying to figure out” what they want from the album.