Beyonce’s record label deny being ‘unhappy’ with ‘4’

Columbia/Epic label head refutes allegations

Beyonce‘s record label has denied that they were ‘unhappy’ with her new album ‘4’.

Speaking to Billboard, the Columbia/Epic label group Chairman Rob Stringer denied rumours which circulated before the release of the album which suggested that they were not pleased with the ballad heavy collection and had been having talks about reforming Destiny’s Child as a form of damage limitation.

Stringer said: “The story about us being unhappy with the record and stuff is just not true. There’s never been any doubt or conversations about moving the record or changing it… Those conversations never existed. We’re really, really happy with it.”

The album, which leaked three weeks before it was released, looks set to top the album charts in the UK and in the US.

Stringer said: “The numbers are very good everywhere. We thought the record is great from the beginning, and some of the stuff that is happening now is vindication of it.”

The label head revealed that Beyonce was planning a large scale world tour in support of the album.

He said: “The touring plan is extensive. The promo plan is extensive. We also know we’re going to put out a lot of singles and… shoot a lot of videos from the record. There’s enough positive information that we think we can work the record for another 18 months, and hopefully over that period we’ll all be proved right that this is an important record and a commercially successful record.”