Beyonce accused of faking her entire pregnancy

The singer is again accused of wearing a prosthetic baby bump

EDIT: Beyonce denies fake pregnancy rumours

Beyonce has been accused of faking her pregnancy and enlisting a surrogate mother to give birth to her first child.

Internet rumours have been compounded by footage from the singer’s recent appearance on Australian television show Sunday Night, on which she revealed her baby was due in February 2012.

As the singer sits down on a chair, her bump appears to collapse inward, reports gossip site TMZ (see picture, below right). Doubters of Beyonce’s pregnancy have used this to prove that the singer is wearing a prosthetic bump and is getting another woman to give birth to her child for her.

The fresh claims come after Beyonce was accused of wearing a prosthetic bump during her appearance at the MTV VMAs this summer. accused the star of ‘faking’ the size of her baby bump and quoted a ‘top media insider’ who said: “She wanted the announcement to be dramatic, so she made sure she had a baby bump.”

Beyonce revealed her pregnancy during the MTV VMAs, by posing on the red carpet and cupping her baby bump. Sales of Beyonce‘s fourth studio album ‘4’ rose sharply since it was made public that the singer is expecting her first child.