Beyonce: Fake pregnancy rumours are ‘stupid, ridiculous, false’

Star's spokesperson aims to quell baby bump conspiracy theory

Beyonce‘s publicist has dismissed internet rumours that the star is faking her pregnancy, calling the accusations “stupid, ridiculous and false.”

Yvette Noel-Schure gave a statement to ABC News in response to the fast-spreading conspiracy theory, which claims that Beyonce‘s baby bump – unveiled with great fanfare at the VMA Awards in August – is a prosthetic, covering up for the “fact” that the singer has enlisted a surrogate mother to give birth to her first child.

The accusation first emerged in the wake of the VMAs, when celebrity blog questioned Beyonce‘s pregnancy, quoting a ‘top media insider’ who said: “She wanted the announcement to be dramatic, so she made sure she had a baby bump.”

Rumours have more recently been compounded by footage from Beyonce‘s recent appearance on Australian television show Sunday Night, during which she revealed her baby was due in February 2012.

In the footage, as the singer sits down on a chair, her bump appears to collapse inward, reports gossip site TMZ (see picture, right).

Sales of Beyonce‘s fourth studio album ‘4’ have risen sharply since it was made public that the singer is expecting her first child. Her track ‘Crazy In Love’ was voted track of the decade by NME in November 2009.