Beyoncé’s father Mathew Knowles on ‘Lemonade’: ‘She has us all speculating’

Controversial album was released exclusively on Tidal

Beyonce‘s father Mathew Knowles has spoken out about her new visual album ‘Lemonade’.

The record was made available exclusively through Tidal on Saturday night (April 23) after an hour-long HBO special of the same name was broadcast. The TV spectacular was made up of music videos and vignettes set to the new songs, which are thought to be about husband Jay-Z’s alleged infidelity.

It’s thought some of the lyrics were also inspired by her father, Mathew Knowles on ‘Daddy Lessons’.

“Well, I can only speculate like everyone else,” he told WatchLOUD. “And I think the genius in this body of work that Beyoncé has done is she has us all speculating and she has us all letting our minds expand on her words and the expansion of them. My kids, they take a lot from me and I always come from an intellectual place. Like intellectually, not emotionally, and most people come from an emotional place and it’s unfortunate.” 


Knowles also admits he first heard his daughter’s new music just like everyone else did – when it premiered. 

“The first 10 minutes, I was a little … confused,” he said. “I didn’t know quite where she was coming from. Was she talking literally or was she leaving it up to the viewer to use their own interpretation of what she was saying? 

“And then it hit me that she had cleverly made this body of work to make one think and make one think a lot,” he continued. “In some places it was dark, but then towards the end you could see the acceptance, the forgiveness. So she took us through her inner emotions of the steps which one goes through of disappointment, of anger, grieving process, acceptance, forgiveness and kinda going through that whole process with us.” 

When asked about his relationship with his daughter, Knowles added: “I think if one would look at the HBO special then you’d see what everybody else saw. They saw me talking to Beyoncé when she was a young child and challenging her, even then, to understand where she was coming from and critical thinking, but you also seen me diving on the bed and playing with Blue Ivy so that kinda answers your question right there. 

“I choose to let the press say whatever they want and let people say whatever they want,” Knowles added. “It’s nobody’s business how much I see my daughter or my grandkids, that’s something personal that I care not to share.”

Meanwhile, Rita Ora was recently forced to take to Twitter after Beyoncé fans linked her with allegations of infidelity hinted at on the record.

‘Lemonade’ marks Beyoncé’s sixth solo album and the follow-up to 2013’s self-titled LP, which was released in a similar surprise fashion.