Beyonce goes…country? – Tabloid Hell

Singer to don a Stetson pretty soon

Can we believe the tabs today (November 22) when they reports that Beyonce has gone country?

What, really?

After a bluegrass version of ‘Irreplaceable’ at the American Music Awards with twangin’ duo Sugarland, it seems she wants to go the whole hog and record a whole album of country style songs.

The star is apparently working with James Blunt co-writer Amanda Ghost on a selection of tunes.

A ‘source’ said: “Beyonce wants to try something completely different. She’s a fan of country music and thought that would be an interesting and exciting way to go.

“She tested the water at the American Music Awards and she is up for it. She contacted Amanda early this week and she is going over the work with her on it.”

Nice to see that the tabs ‘confirm’ this quasi factoid with the point that she’s from Texas i.e. she probably line danced in the womb.