Beyoncé copy-cat claim returns to court

Woman claims 'Baby Boy' lyrics were stolen

A woman who claims Beyoncé stole the lyrics to ’Baby Boy’ from her has taken the singer to a US appeal court.

Jennifer Armour claims Knowles took lyrics from her song ‘Got A Little Bit Of Love For You’.

Armour’s lawyer Dana Kirk said the case, thrown out by a judge in Houston, Texas last year, should be heard by a jury.

Kirk added that an expert had analysed the two songs and said they were substantially similar.

Knowles‘ lawyer, Cynthia Arato, said the standard for copyright cases is what an ordinary person hears, not an expert’s analysis.

The judge in last year’s case ruled the two songs were “substantially dissimilar”.

Armour said: “I do believe it was the heart of my song. When I first heard it, it hit me.”

A ruling has not yet been issued, reports BBC News.