Beyonce billboard ‘upsets’ Vegas residence

Bikini clad poster leads to obscenity claims

A billboard featuring Beyonce clad in a bikini has upset local residents in Las Vegas.

The offending advert is for the city’s radio station KWNZ.

Resident Pamela Keeney has said: “It’s obscene. I have my two little grandkids coming over here, and they don’t need to be seeing that. You can change the channel on the TV but you can’t change that.”

Scott Seidenstricker, manager of KWNZ, said: “The billboards were taken from publicity shots and this is the way those people perform. So to show them in a jogging suit probably wouldn’t be the right thing.”

Ward Ryan, another resident, has collected 100 signatures on a petition protesting the billboards, saying he was upset that Clear Channel installed it without permission.

City spokesman Chris Good told local paper Las Vegas Sun: “It complies with all the locational criteria that are set out in our code.”