The star guitarist, bassist and drummer heroically come to the aid of a 91 year-old man...

BEYONCE’s backing band dramatically stopped the car-jacking of a 91 year-old man in FLORIDA on Tuesday (March 2).

Guitarist Shaun Carrington, bassist Kern Brantley and drummer Nisan Stewart had been on their way to the cinema when they saw convicted felon Malcolm Clemons holding Reynold Caleen at knifepoint in a West Palm Beach parking lot.

Police say that Clemons was attempting to take Caleen’s wallet, but the great-grandfather of nine fought back.


Clemons then allegedly tried to drive off in Caleen’s car but was foiled when the bandmembers pulled their rented minivan in front of the stolen vehicle.

Despite his attempts to run away, a drugstore employee Adrian Bush brought Clemons down. Beyonce’s band then held the suspect until police arrived at the scene.

According to American press reports, Clemons was later charged with armed car-jacking and battery on a person over the age of 65.

Beyonce’s father and manager Matthew Knowles said: “We try to employ those individuals that fall under the criteria set forth by Beyonce: talent, passion, work ethics and overall being just a good person. So we are not surprised that the members of her band were good citizens, yet we are very proud of their efforts of bravery.”