The event in South Africa also featured Ms Dynamite and Queen...

BONO and BEYONCE were amongst the stars who appeared at NELSON MANDELA’s AIDS awareness gig in SOUTH AFRICA.

The show, which took place at the Cape Town Greenpoint Stadium (November 29), was organised by the Nelson Mandela Foundation and aimed to bring the plight of AIDS victims to a worldwide audience of around two billion people.

Beyonce and Bono performed ’American Prayer’, together, BBC news reports.

The singer then introduced Mandela to the massive crowd, who listened to him speak about the dangers of the disease, which he described as a “human rights issue”.

Live Aid founder Bob Geldof also performed and spoke to the crowd, while other performers included Ms Dynamite, Queen and Jimmy Cliff.

It will be possible to download songs performed at the gig from the event’s website,