Watch Stephen Colbert ‘join’ Beyonce on-stage during her VMAs performance

The 'Late Show' host put his own spin on the singer's show-stealing performance from the weekend

Stephen Colbert has parodied Beyoncé‘s performance at the MTV VMAs for a sketch on his programme, The Late Show.

The host put his own spin on the start of the singer’s show-stopping 15-minute performance at Madison Square Garden on Sunday night (August 28), where she stood motionless on a dry ice-engulfed stage as a recorded monologue – which referenced her acclaimed album ‘Lemonade’ – played in the background.

Inserted into footage from the performance, Colbert, wearing a similar wide-rimmed hat and white coat as Beyoncé, appears to join the singer on stage before adding dialogue to her aforementioned monologue. “A stairway leads to nothing,” she says, with the words displayed on the screen behind her. Colbert then adds, “I had to climb out of the window to get to work this morning. It’s ridiculous.”


As Beyoncé is then shown being bathed in lighting that resembles flames, Colbert is given similar treatment, which he reacts to in a terrified manner. “Do I smell something burning? Oh my God, put me out, I’m on fire!” he yells, as one of his crew sprays him with a fire extinguisher.

Watch the sketch below.

Beyoncé enjoyed a successful night at the VMAs, winning eight awards, including the coveted prize for Video of the Year.