Beyonce and Jay-Z buy ‘The Big Lebowski’ mansion

The Dude's former hangout may or may not come with rugs and bowling balls...

Beyonce and Jay-Z have snapped up the mansion from Jeff Bridges’ cult classic movie ‘The Big Lebowski’, having reportedly paid $45million for the place in the Beverley Hills district of Los Angeles.

The house was previously owned by Frank McCourt, owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball franchise. The Dude’s bungalow also went on sale a few years ago, at £1.4 million for the six one-bedroom apartments that include the bungalow.

Strangely, Beyonce has previous links with the movie, having sampled Maude Lebowski’s comments on feminism in french dubbed form in her 2013 song ‘Partition’.


Beyonce’s had a quiet year musically, but recently performed duets with Ed Sheeran and Pearl Jam at Global Citizen Fest in New York’s Central Park, with her recent live shows marking her first of 2015.

Jay-Z, meanwhile, may have been adding to the cash necessary for the big mansion buy with his new line in champagne, which comes in at a hefty £485 a bottle, though only 3,000 bottles will be produced. Bizarrely, the rapper came under attack by Denver Water recently after comparing people’s willingness to pay for bottled water and music.

Jaz-Z’s currently working on his streaming service Tidal, which has hosted exclusives from Beyonce, Rihanna and Jack White over the course of 2015.

View the (not entirely suitable for work) video for Beyonce’s ‘Partition’ below: