Beyoncé shares ‘Crazy In Love’ remix for her birthday – listen

Singer turned 34 yesterday, and released the formerly exclusive track to celebrate

Beyonce celebrated her 34th birthday yesterday by releasing a remix of her hit single ‘Crazy In Love’.

The remix of the 2003 number one single featuring Jay-Z was originally a feature of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, and could previously only be grabbed as part of the soundtrack, as opposed to as an individual entity. The original version of the song has sold around 1.6 million copies in the US alone.

To celebrate her birthday, Beyonce made the track available as an individual paid download, and to stream on Spotify.


Beyonce is spending the weekend headlining the Made in America Festival in Philadelphia, alongside The Weeknd. Her husband and festival curator Jay-Z is the festival’s founder.

Beyonce’s family made her a playlist for her birthday, which Beyonce then shared with her fans on Facebook.

Jay-Z picks Coldplay track ‘Yellow’, adding “this song reminds me of you and I on vacation. ‘Look at the stars, looks how they shine for you’. So many legendary nights. It represents vulnerability, it’s us in our own world, away from work and totally lost in love. ‘For you, I’ll bleed myself dry.'”

You can stream the newly available version of ‘Crazy In Love’ via Spotify below: