Fans disappointed that Beyoncé’s ‘big’ announcement is news that she’s vegan

US morning TV show told fans 'Beyoncé has something amazing she wants you to know'

Fans were disappointed to find that the ‘big’ Beyonce announcement promised by US morning television show Good Morning America was not news of a new Beyoncé album or tour, but instead the revelation from the singer that she is a vegan and following a new diet plan.

Preparing fans for the Beyoncé news, Good Morning America tweeted ‘@Beyonce has something amazing she wants you to know’. Fans were disappointed with the news of Beyoncé’s diet, with many claiming they already knew the singer abstained from eating or using animal products.

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As reported by Buzzfeed, various fans took to Twitter to express their disappoint in the news. See the tweets and watch the clip from Good Morning America below.


Meanwhile, Jay-Z shared a summer playlist on his streaming service Tidal, including songs by Nicki Minaj, Drake, A$AP Rocky and Beyonce among a host of new artists.

The 19 track playlist is titled ‘Fuck The Summer Up’ and begins with Leikeli47’s song of the same name. The little known masked rapper from New York is one of a number of newcomers on the playlist, perhaps a concession to criticisms that Tidal is designed only to help already successful artists.

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