Beyoncé speaks out about Baltimore riots: ‘People are hurting’

The pop star urges fans to donate to the NAACP following the civil unrest

Beyonce has publicly addressed the civil unrest in Baltimore, urging her fans to donate to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

Confrontations in the US city began following the funeral of African-American man, Freddie Gray, on Monday (April 27). Gray, 25, was fatally injured whilst in police custody on April 19 after a week-long coma. As BBC News reports, Baltimore later declared a state of emergency amid the increasingly violent clashes, which has seen 15 officers injured.

Now, Beyoncé has taken to Instagram to post a video comparing the clashes to the civil rights protests of 1968. Later posting a photo, the singer wrote, “People are hurting. Join us in supporting the NAACP to help in the cleanup efforts and to provide housing, food and supplies to those affected by the unrest in Baltimore.”. See those posts below.

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Earlier this week, a host of other musicians, including Gerard Way and Rihanna, reacted to the protests
in Baltimore, offering support to local residents.

Rihanna posted the picture of a black riot police officer, while Hynes quoted writer James Baldwin, saying: “No black man has ever been tried by a jury of his peers in America. And if that is so, and I know that is so, no black man has ever received a fair trial in this country. Therefore, I’m under no illusions about the reason why many black people are in prison.”

Lorde, meanwhile, showed her support via a retweet of professor and journalist Marc Lamont Hill, whose tweet read: “To dismiss these uprisings as mere thuggery and criminality is to delegitimize and pathologize black rage.”