Beyoncé fans leave terrible reviews for Trick Daddy’s restaurant after he said she “couldn’t sing”

"I've never in my life tasted such filth, but the Lemonade was divine"

A restaurant owned by US rapper Trick Daddy has been bombarded with negative fake reviews by Beyoncé fans after he dared to insult the singer.

Speaking on a recent Clubhouse panel, the rapper controversially suggested that Beyoncé “can’t sing” as well as discounting her husband Jay-Z as “not the best rapper”.

Trick Daddy might now be regretting those comments as Beyoncé fans have begun review-bombing his Sunday’s Eatery restaurant, lowering it to a largely terrible score online.


“Disgusting food. Seriously, though. The service was so bad and the food was so subpar,” said one Beyoncé fan, leaving a bee emoji at the end.

“I’ve never in my life tasted such filth,” said another fan. “The Lemonade on the other hand, was divine.”

Defending the restaurant’s reputation, another said: “Hands down best place to eat period. The beehive just mad like we don’t got bug spray fyi Jay-Z and Beyoncé ain’t God and Trick is entitled to his opinion and he ain’t lying I agree with him.”

Far from showing repentance in the wake of the backlash, Trick Daddy has since doubled down on his comments.

“Beyoncé is the number one performer I’ve ever seen besides Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. Can she sing? Yeah… She can’t sang. She ain’t in my top,” he said.


“Beyoncé ain’t Stephanie Mills. She ain’t Patti LaBelle. She ain’t Whitney HoustonMariah Carey. She might be your Whitney Houston, that’s my opinion.

“I told my homeboys that Chris Brown is on the level of Michael Jackson and they were like, ‘You crazy! You’re disrespecting the King.’ I’m telling you something I feel and I’m telling you something that Michael Jackson told Chris Brown himself.”

Beyoncé is yet to respond to Trick Daddy’s comments.