Beyonce and Jay-Z played the World Cup final on huge screens before Paris show

Football rules all....

Jay-Z and Beyonce made sure that their devoted French fans didn’t miss out on the World Cup final yesterday as they screened the match inside the Stade de France.

The power-couple brought their ‘OTR II’ tour to the stadium yesterday evening, itself the sight of France’s first World Cup victory in 1998.

But as the nation recorded a second triumph with victory over Croatia, massive provisions were made to ensure that fans didn’t miss out.


Photos posted on Twitter show the match being screened on huge screens, with thousands of French fans watching on in fevered anticipation.

“Watching France win the World Cup inside the Stade de France before Beyoncé and Jay Z is something I will never ever forget’, one fan wrote.

Another said: “Beyoncé and Jay Z played in Paris today. Opened the stadium early and played the World Cup final on massive screens. Then performed in French kits with 2 stars. Amazing.”

Meanwhile, the World Cup final was almost derailed after punk group Pussy Riot invaded the pitch.

“Just a few minutes ago four Pussy Riot members performed in the FIFA World Cup final match — ”Policeman enters the Game”,” the group wrote on Twitter.


They proceeded to share a statement about the invasion.

“Today is 11 years since the death of the great Russian poet, Dmitriy Prigov. Prigov created an image of a policeman, a carrier of the heavenly nationhood, in the russian culture,” it reads.

“The heavenly policeman, according to Prigov, talks on the two-way with the God Himself. The earthly policeman gets ready to disperse rallies. The heavenly policeman gently touches a flower in a field and enjoys Russian football team victories, while the earthly policeman feels indifferent to Oleg Sentsov’s hunger strike. The heavenly policeman rises as an example of the nationhood, the earthly policeman hurts everyone.”