Beyoncé reunites with Destiny’s Child at Coachella 2018

At long last.

Beyoncé was joined onstage by Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland during her highly anticipated Coachella set to reform their seminal trio, Destiny’s Child.

The last time the three performed together was during the 2015 Stellar Awards where they performed ‘Say Yes’ together. At Coachella, the group performed ‘Say My Name’, ‘Soldier’, and ‘Lost My Breath.

Beyoncé expressed her elation with the comeback, saying: “I’m so happy right now”. Though that is not nearly as excited as the fans seeing the rumours become reality.


Watch footage of the amazing Destiny’s Child comeback below.


It was reported yesterday (April 14) that Beyoncé could be joined by some “special guests” during her performance. “Beyonce and Destiny’s Child are reuniting,” a source said. “It was teased, rumoured, squashed, so nothing much else was said . . . But it’s happening.”

Meanwhile, Prior to her headline performance at Coachella, Beyoncé asked fans and media outlets not to post photos they’ve taken of her history-making show.

The singer’s publicist sent out an email on Friday to news outlets asking for them to refrain from using fan photos of her Coachella performance.

Instead, they should stick to approved shots of the Saturday night performance.

With Coachella’s second day nearly wrapped up, we’ve already seen a surprise performance from Kendrick Lamar and the Walmart ‘Yodelling Kid’.