Biffy Clyro to ‘begin work on a new album over Christmas’

Scottish group admit they are 'eager to record the follow-up to 'Only Revolutions''

Biffy Clyro have revealed that they will begin work on a new album “over Christmas”.

Bassist James Johnston explained that they are “eager” to focus on some new songs.

“It is something we are really excited about,” the bassist told the Daily Record. “We have started doing a little bit of work, but until we are truly off the road we never really think about recording.”

He added: “When we get some time at home over Christmas, we will start concentrating on the new songs. We are eager, we are excited but we understand you only get one chance to make a record and we don’t want to mess it up, we won’t rush it then forever regret it.”

Meanwhile, the band’s latest album ‘Only Revolutions’ is nominated for this year’s Barclaycard Mercury Music Prize, which Johnston admits, adds extra pressure for the group to deliver on their next record.

“I think there is pressure on us because of the success of ‘Only Revolutions’,” he said. “But we will truly find out when we sit down to write and record. I am hoping, because we are still up in Scotland and out of the eyes of the industry in a way, we can be ourselves and do things the way we want to do them.”