Biffy Clyro play new album material at V Festival Stafford show

Trio go topless to charm the Stafford crowd

Biffy Clyro played two new songs during their V Festival appearance on the V Stage at the bash’s Stafford site this afternoon (August 22).

The Scottish trio – who were all topless for the entire set – surprised much of the crowd by kicking into new single ‘That Golden Rule’ first off. However, the song – which is released this Monday (August 24) – proved to be a massive success with fans, with a fair portion singing along with the chorus.

Later in their set, singer-guitarist Simon Neil and bassist James Johnston squared up to each other at the start of ‘A Whole Child Ago’, playing the opening riff eye-to-eye. The track, from 2007 album ‘Puzzle’, saw several fans towards the front of the stage moshing, while those further back opted to sing along instead.

Neil followed that song by announcing that the band would play another unreleased track, called ‘Bubbles’.

With drummer Ben Johnston providing a simple driving beat for much of the track, the song was hinged on Neil‘s chiming guitar lines. The singer played his lead notes while singing the vocal parts to the song, until a change of pace midway through which saw the band finish the track instrumentally.

Follow-up song ‘Living Is A Problem Because Everybody Dies’ had many audience members singing along with bassist Johnston‘s backing vocals.

Some audience members were distracted midway through the performance, when several people decided to throw their drinks at another crowd member who was sitting on a friend’s shoulders.

Ignoring the scuffle, the band continued their set, with a sweat-drenched Neil playing a solo version of ‘Machines’ on an acoustic guitar, much to the crowd’s delight.

Despite the band playing their set in broad daylight, they put on an impressive lightshow set against the stage’s black backdrop during ‘Get Fucked Stud’.

Biffy Clyro‘s last song – Number 5 UK single ‘Mountains’ – proved to be the biggest crowd pleaser, with the band playing an impassioned version of the 2008 track that ended with drummer Johnston throwing his sticks into the audience in celebratory fashion.

Biffy Clyro played:

‘That Golden Rule’
‘Who’s Got A Match?’
‘Love Has A Diameter’
‘A Whole Child Ago’
‘Living Is A Problem Because Everybody Dies’
‘Now I’m Everyone’
‘Get Fucked Stud’

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