Biffy Clyro begin work on ‘horny stallion’ album

Plus band say album is influenced by The White Stripes

Biffy Clyro have begun writing songs for the follow-up to last year’s ‘Puzzle’ album, saying the tunes are influenced by horses and former labelmates The White Stripes.

Frontman Simon Neil claimed that the new material contained some of his band’s heaviest riffs to date, and added that the Scottish three-piece had brought keyboards into the mix too.

“It’s always a worry when you’re a fan of a band and you hear they’re bringing in keyboards,” he told NME.COM. “But we’ve got some cool shit.”

Speaking about how the new material drew inspiration from Jack and Meg White – who used to be labelmates with Biffy Clyro on XL Recordings, before the Scots signed to 14th Floor – he added: “When just the two of them play together it always sounds like a ‘White Stripes‘ record. That’s how I feel about Biffy. If we can do it ourselves we can make any kind of music.”

Neil added he had developed an equestrian obsession, declaring: “There’ll be a lot of songs about horses. The album is going to sound like 12 fuck-off horny stallion studs!”

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