Biffy Clyro make Christmas Day return

The band's new single is almost here

Biffy Clyro are set to make their long-awaited return – on Christmas Day.

The Scottish three-piece, whose last new material was 2004’s ‘Infinity Land’ album, will give fans the first taste of their fourth album when they release a download single ‘Semi Mental’ on December 25.

Singer and guitarist Simon Neil told NME.COM: “We believe we’re the only band that could be bigger than Santa Claus, so we’re going to compete with Santa on Christmas Day! The song we’re releasing is ‘Semi Mental’, which we’ve been playing live for quite a while now. When we finished recording we wanted the fans and all that to have something to hear. We didn’t want to make them wait.”

The band have spent the past year working on fourth album, ‘Puzzle’, their first for major label 14th Floor/Warners. Due in spring, the album was recorded in Vancouver with Rage Against The Machine producer Garth Richardson and mixed in New York by Andy Wallace, who did the same job on Nirvana‘s 1991 classic ‘Nevermind’.

Neil explained how the decision to rush-release a download single just weeks after it was completed, was motivated by the long wait their notoriously devoted fanbase have already endured.

He admitted: “Yeah, our fans are used to us releasing singles and albums every year for the last few years, but we just want to make sure that we remind them that we’re here. Everybody’s chomping at the bit to hear it, so we thought it’d be unusual to do it on Christmas Day. It’s download only and we’re just gonna give people a wee taster of the album before the new year. It’s a transitional track as well. It’s a song that we’ve been playing live so the fans will have heard it, its time they had it to listen to for themselves. It’s a taster of the album to get a sense of where we’re going on this one, and also prepare them for the monster that is our new record. It’s our biggest and best album.”

‘Semi Mental’ will be available from all major download sites from December 25. A full-scale single will follow before the album’s release.