Biffy Clyro: ‘Reading Festival was our best ever show because Trent Reznor was rude to us’

The band's frontman Simon Neil says three of their new tracks are 'piano songs'

Biffy Clyro‘s Simon Neil has said that the band have five new tracks, three of which are “piano songs”.

Speaking to Faster Louder, the frontman said that he’s not sure if the tracks will make the follow-up to their ‘Opposites’ record, “but it’s nice to already have a few under our belt”.

Of the piano focus he added: “I can hardly play the fucking thing so when I’m standing in the room playing them it sounds awful – it’s like chopsticks gone wrong. But we’re just starting to move on. I don’t know whether any of these songs will make the next record, but to me it’s so important to keep moving forward.”

Of their new album, Neil explained that it will be a more stripped back affair than their last double album. He said: “I think we’ll definitely strip it back, especially with ‘Opposites’ we really threw everything we could at that record in terms of instruments and all the weirdness going on, so for me it would feel wrong to try and do something crazier than that, in terms of the over-the-top instruments. So I think we’ll strip it back and have just guitar, bass and drums, and there’ll be a few kind of odd things going on, but it should sound just like guys in a room to a certain extent. We’ve peaked as much as we could with ‘Opposites’ with all the bombast.”

In the interview, Neil said that the band’s headline slot at Reading Festival earlier this summer was their favourite ever gig, even though Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor took a pop at the band, saying they “fucked” his band on production and stated that he had no idea who they were, writing on Twitter: “Should be an unusual show tonight at Reading…the lying promoter and the band following us (whoever the fuck they are) fucked us on our production.”

Neil commented: “Reading has become all of our favourite shows we’ve ever played… Part of it was Trent Reznor being rude to us, and we thought ‘You know what? We’ll let the music do the talking.’ We just had this candidness about us that we don’t normally have for a huge show like that, and right from the first beat of the set we just knew it was going to be a special show.”