Big Boi discusses new solo album, the “great” wave of hip-hop coming out of Atlanta, and Donald Trump

The Outkast MC will release his third solo LP, 'Boomiverse', on June 16

Big Boi has said that he’s “ready to let the world hear” his forthcoming new solo album, ‘Boomiverse’.

The Outkast MC will release his third solo LP on June 16, which features guest contributions from the likes of Adam Levine, Run The Jewels‘ Killer Mike and Gucci Mane. It’ll be his first solo release since 2012’s ‘Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumours’.

Speaking to NME ahead of the release of ‘Boomiverse’, Big revealed that the new record will continue the boundary-less trend that has dominated much of his previous output.


“This is like the twelfth album that I’ve been a part of: fourth solo, but twelfth overall,” he explained. “When you’re making so many records, you don’t want two songs to sound the same, ever. And one part of the formula is taking people on a ride: swing people one way, then come back another, zig zag. But everything is cohesive in this one complete body of work, so they can get a full experience of where you [the artist] are, and they can feel the music. The music is supposed to evoke emotion.”

The Atlanta rapper also spoke about the immense pride he feels regarding the recent resurgence of hip-hop artists in his home city, such as Migos, Lil Yachty and 21 Savage.

“It’s great, man. The city is thriving. Young boys come up and make jams, and [they] get to come over here and they still touching the people, you know what I’m saying? So they’re still advancing the culture in a way to where it’s exposing the world to more Atlanta music. Not everybody is going to make the same kind of music, they’re not scared to express themselves.

“What I like to look forward to when it comes to new artists is seeing where they’re at in three years, five years – to see their evolution. Are they gonna play it safe and keep doing what’s made them successful? Or are they gonna take chances and stumble on a new ‘them’, you know what I mean? So it’s fun to watch.”

Big also clarified that the ‘Boomiverse’ song ‘The Day After The Election’ isn’t directly about US President Donald Trump – but he did have some sharp words for the Commander-in-Chief.


“It’s not even about him,” the 42-year-old MC explained. “The song was recorded the day after the election and I was blowing off some steam. I just went in the studio and hit ‘Play’, and just went for broke. I put everything in God’s hands. That man does not control my destiny.”

‘Boomiverse’ is out on June 16 via Epic, and Big Boi’s next scheduled live show is at Chalice festival in California (July 7-9).