The tragic Big Country frontman to be remembered at his beloved Dunfermline Athletic's ground...

A memorial service for the late BIG COUNTRY frontman STUART ADAMSON is being planned at the ground of DUNFERMLINE ATHLETIC FC, the football team he followed all his life.

Adamson’s manager said he is in talks with the club about the staging of an event.

Guitarist Adamson was found hanged in his hotel room in Hawaii on Sunday (December 16) in an apparent suicide. He had been missing from his home in Nashville for a month. Adamson, who fought a life-long battle against alcohol addiction, was understood to be drinking heavily and depressed about a split with his wife.


His manager Ian Grant said a memorial service at Dunfermline’s East End Park would be a fitting tribute to his lost friend.

“He would always go to games when he could and the band even rehearsed at the stadium,” he told the BBC. “Whenever he was overseas he followed their results and if I phoned him before he heard he would always ask me how they were getting on.

“The club offered him a directorship but he declined it as he just wanted to be a normal man on the terrace.”

Grant added that Adamson had never asked for such a gesture.

“He did not request it but he would have been humbled by it as he was a humble man. It will be like a big wake and it will show Callum and Kirsten (Adamson’s children) how popular their dad was.”