Here’s Big Narstie delivering the weather forecast on ‘Good Morning Britain’

Watch out for 'bare mud in your yard'.

Big Narstie has taken the unlikeliest of forays into meteorology after making a surprise appearance on Good Morning Britain to present the weather.

The ‘Base Society’ rapper, 32, appeared on the ITV breakfast show to deliver the forecast alongside regular weather presenter Alex Beresford – but it was unlike any forecast that had previously featured on the show.

As he delivered the weather in his own inimitable style, Narstie claimed that the Highlands are getting a ‘bag of snow’, while also warning that heavy rain in the Midlands will cause pets to get ‘bare mud in your yard’.


“Please dress appropriately for the weather, and ladies and kids dress warm”, he cautioned.

“The flu is killing us. The flu is out here to get us. So Lemsip and warm clothes.”

Although it was unlike anything that had gone before, Narstie’s appearance soon had viewers calling for him to become a permanent fixture on the show.

“Can i have big narstie present the weather every morning please n thanks”, one viewer wrote on Twitter.

Another said: “Hilarious….! We NEED @bignarstie on the #GMB set EVERY SINGLE MORNING! Ratings would go through the roof “.


Last year, Narstie also joined forces with Robbie Williams for ‘Go Mental’, which saw him putting a unique grime take on Williams’ polished pop sound.