Is Big Sean dissing Kendrick Lamar on new track ‘Big Bidness’?

Song features on Sean's new album with Metro Boomin 'Double Or Nothing'

Fans are speculating that Big Sean is taking shots at Kendrick Lamar on his new track ‘Big Bidness’.

The beef between the two rappers dates back a couple of years, with Lamar calling out Sean, among his other rap peers, during his guest verse on Sean’s own ‘Control’ in 2013. Since then, the pair seem to have dissed each other over several tracks back and forth.

Today (December 8) saw Big Sean release a joint album with producer Metro Boomin called ‘Double Or Nothing’. One of the tracks, ‘Big Bidness’ featuring 2 Chainz, appears to see Sean delivering subliminals at Kendrick.


During his final verse on the track, Sean raps: “Boy, I’ll hop right over you / Who the fuck you think watching over you? / I’m God’s favourite, you couldn’t pray a hundred times a day / To have me over through”. Fans have pointed out how Sean could be referencing ‘God’ from Lamar’s recent album ‘Damn’, which sees Kendrick say: “This what God feels like”.

Meanwhile, Sean’s line “Jeez, I don’t got feelings, I just fill seats” can be seen as a nod to Lamar’s track ‘Feel’ and the lyrics “Nobody sonning me / If I am a sun, I’m the one you look up to” appear to be a response to Kendrick’s ‘The Heart Part 4’ lyric, where he raps: “My fans can’t wait for me to son your punk ass and crush your whole lil shit”.

“I think Big Sean was low key dissin’ Kendrick towards the end of Big Bidness,” one fan wrote on Twitter.


Watch Big Sean and Metro Boomin discuss their new album below:

‘Double Or Nothing’ is the follow-up to Sean’s album ‘I Decided’, released back in February. Read NME‘s interview with Big Sean here.