Big Sean reveals his first advance from Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music was just $15k

It comes after West recently said he was going to give his artists back his share of their masters

Big Sean has revealed that his first advance from Kanye West and his G.O.O.D. Music label was just $15,000.

Speaking to Fat Joe for his Instagram Live/Revolt show, The Fat Joe Show, Sean discussed the moment he got signed by West after rapping for him on the spot at a Detroit radio station.

Sean explained that he was struggling to make it even after being signed – he signed with G.O.O.D. in 2007 but his debut album ‘Finally Famous’ didn’t arrive until 2011 – and it was at this point that Joe questioned how he was paying his bills.


“You know, my first advance was, bro, I don’t even wanna say that number, but it was something where it wasn’t a lot at all,” Sean said, before Joe asked him to reveal the number in order for them to create a “Joprah Moment.”

“We like to hear shit we ain’t never heard before,” Joe said. “What was the advance – $50,000? What was it?”

Sean answered: “No. My advance… my first advance was $15,000, bro.”

The news comes after West recently revealed that he’s giving all the artists signed to G.O.O.D. Music the 50 per cent share he holds in their masters.

Elsewhere during Sean’s chat with Joe, the Terror Squad rapper revealed that Eminem called him to try and convince him to come out of retirement.


“You know, Em called me last week – I don’t want to keep throwing his name around – but the man was trying to talk me out of retirement last week,” Joe told Sean. “This is all I ever wanted my whole life, for one of the rap gods like to call me and tell me, ‘Yo Joe, you nice. You need to get back in there.'”

See the full chat below:

Meanwhile, Big Sean has revealed that he’s sitting on three unfinished tracks with John Mayer.

Back in 2018, the rapper posted a since-deleted photograph of himself and the ‘Gravity’ hitmaker in the studio together, but no music has since materialised from their time together.

Speaking in a new interview with NME, Sean shared more details about what he and Mayer worked on, explaining that their work included input from revered musician James Fauntleroy.

“Me, John and James Fauntleroy did a 17-hour lock-in session,” he explained. “Those guys are legends, man. We came up with some fire ideas that we’ve still gotta finish.

He added: “I linked up with John one other time after that but we really gotta link back up soon. There’s at least two or three great ideas there.”

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