Big Sean and ‘Stranger Things’ hero Bob in unlikely Twitter exchange

The rapper is a fan of the Netflix show

Big Sean and Stranger Things‘ Bob have exchanged tweets following a hashtag mixup – which resulted in Sean posting a spoiler to his millions of followers.

The unlikely pair came into contact after Stranger Things‘ loveable hero Bob – aka Sean Astin – saw that Big Sean was trending on Twitter, following the release of his new album ‘Double Or Nothing’.

“Aww man…I thought I was trending,” Astin posted. “I thought I was kicking out such rocking great tweets that the world was taking notice. Apparently Big Sean is Sean Don. He’s got like 11 million followers. Someday. @BigSean”.


The rapper then responded to Astin, declaring himself a fan of Stranger Things, while posting a huge spoiler in the process.

“Aye well I was pissed when that demi-dog ate you n you died in season 2 of Stranger Things man,” he replied. “You were a good dude. I’m a fan…if that makes you feel any better.”

“Waaaayyy better!!!!!!” Astin said.

Fans who haven’t caught up with the hit Netflix show weren’t too happy, though. One posted: “Sean, how you gonna drop a spoiler like that WHILE I’m listening to your new album?”, while another angry user said: “I have been saving the second season of stranger things to watch with my man when finals are over and BIG SEAN JUST DID DID A FUCKING SPOILER AND IM UPSET”.


Yesterday (December 8) saw Big Sean release a joint album with producer Metro Boomin. One of the tracks, ‘Big Bidness’ featuring 2 Chainz, appears to see Sean delivering subliminal messages to Kendrick Lamar.

Beef between the two rappers dates back a couple of years, with Lamar calling out Sean, among his other rap peers, during his guest verse on Sean’s own ‘Control’ in 2013. Since then, the pair seem to have dissed each other over several tracks back and forth.

Meanwhile, Stranger Things has recently been renewed for a third season.