Big Shaq responds to Noel Gallagher tour invite with ‘Wonderwall’ cover

"Man like Noel. Get my number just DM me on Twitter"

Big Shaq has responded once again to Noel Gallagher’s invitation to take the rapper on tour with him with a generous cover of Oasis classic ‘Wonderwall’

Last month saw Gallagher reveal that his children introduced him to Shaq (known also as comedian Michael Dappah), the man behind the viral hit ‘Mans Not Hot‘. Gallagher then said that he would love to play some shows with Big Shaq.

Shaq responded saying that people would witness something “eplectical and electical and electrical”.

The rapper has responded again, saying: “Man like Noel. Get my number just DM me on Twitter. I’ll send you the number then obviously we can chop it up, you understand ’cause like mans international now. Check the statistics.”

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“You get me, like. My schedule’s kinda busy now. But I like you and I appreciate you know what I’m saying,” he adds clutching on to his jacket, adding: “I think it’s an honour, you know what I’m saying?”

This was before Shaq launched into a small, slightly inaccurate cover of ‘Wonderwall’. Watch the response video over at Radio X.

Noel Gallagher and Big Shaq

Noel Gallagher and Big Shaq

Meanwhile, Liam recently branded his brother Noel a “creepy little tart” after he spoke about Liam’s love of Twitter during a recent TV appearance.

“He’s obsessed, as lots of people are. There’s not enough hours in the day for me to get through the s**t that I’ve got to get through”, Noel told Graham Norton.