Big Thief’s James Krivchenia shares three singles from upcoming solo experimental album

The album was created from "internet spa radio" and "ASMR YouTube holes"

Big Thief drummer James Krivchenia has released three singles from his upcoming album, ‘A New Found Relaxation’. The record is slated for release on June 26.

‘Temptation Reduced’, ‘The Eternal Spectator’ and ‘Touched By An Angel’ were shared as a single track on YouTube, which you can listen to below:


The album was recorded in 2019 in a small town in New Mexico. According to a press release, the album was “made from hundreds of tiny fragments of internet spa radio, ASMR YouTube holes, field recordings and cast off muzak”, which were then manipulated by Krivchenia into 12 different ambient tracks.

“It’s my attempt at fast slow paced music,” said Krivchenia in a statement.

“I was trying to take mundane or banal ‘beauty’ and process it – in the literal musical realm but also within myself. To me, the smooth chilled out background music of our world is often the most terrifying. I wanted to swim in relaxation signifiers but stir the pot, foul it, and have everything sort of bleed together and swirl with pace. Part of immersion for me also contains a sense of confusion and that’s the kind of immersion I’m going for.”

‘A New Found Relaxation’ follows Krivchenia’s last solo release in 2018, ‘No Comment’. Last month, Big Thief shared a tender outtake from 2019’s ‘Two Hands’, titled ‘Love In Mine’.

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