Bikini Kill share unreleased track ‘Ocean Song’ – listen

Song will be included on reissue of band's 1991 demo tape 'Revolution Girl Style Now'

Bikini Kill have shared the previously unreleased track ‘Ocean Song’. Scroll down and listen below.

The recording is one of a number of unheard songs that will feature on the forthcoming reissue of the band’s 1991 demo tape ‘Revolution Girl Style Now’. The record will be released for the first time on CD, LP and digitally on September 22, while a reproduction of the original cassette tape will also be available.

Speaking previously to NME about the song, Bikini Kill member Kathi Wilcox said: “Kathleen wrote the lyrics and then music on bass and at this point it wasn’t a collaborative effort at all. There was a very short window when she wrote songs like that and that’s why they sound so different from the short punk songs that we did after.

“It reminds me of learning to play guitar, because I literally had never picked one up before I joined this band. Listening back, it sounds more like the bands that were happening in Seattle at the time, like early Nirvana. She’s singing a dirge, it’s not full Poly Styrene yet.”

Speaking about the collection as a whole, meanwhile, Wilcox – who now plays in The Julie Ruin with Hanna – added: “It was the first thing we recorded and it captures the energy from before we had this incredible hostility and backlash. I listen back and it’s kind of optimistic, it’s not reactive to the reactions of other people, it’s just purely a statement of our thing”.

Bikini Kill disbanded in 1997 having released two full-length albums, a number of EPs and two compilations.