Bill Callahan shares new single, ‘Another Song’

The second track from forthcoming album 'Gold Record'

Bill Callahan has shared the second single from his forthcoming album, ‘Gold Record’, ahead of its release later this year.

Titled ‘Another Song’, the track has been described by Callahan’s label, Drag City, as “a working man’s blues that are lightened by a little love in the afternoon”.

Listen to ‘Another Song’ below:


“In the middle of the day, uninspired and back at his homestead for lunch, the narrator decides to take the rest of the day off for some afternoon delight with his partner,” the statement read.

“In loving embrace and then philosophic reverie, they look forward only to the next moment as sweet as this one.”

‘Another Song’ is a follow-up from ‘Pigeons‘, which Callahan shared last week as part of his plan to release one track every Monday for nine weeks. The tenth song, Callahan said, “prefers for you to come to it on the LP/disc/cassette etc”.

‘Gold Record’ is Callahan’s seventh studio album under his own name, and will be arriving on September 4 through Drag City. The forthcoming album doesn’t follow far behind his 2019 record, ‘Shepard in a Sheepskin Vest’. NME gave the album four stars, labelling Callahan “one of America’s modern greats when it comes to songwriting” and “a lyrical genius” that “explores birth, death and everything in between”.