And Bill Drummond's doing it with the aid of playing cards...

Former KLF man BILL DRUMMOND is launching a set of playing cards aimed at prompting people to take part in a day of silent protest against “The War.”

Drummond will launch the ‘Silent Protest’ cards during a special presentation at the Marx Memorial Library in London (October 29). Following the event, he’ll move to The Foundry in east London, where Tracey Sanders-Wood will release 1,000 helium-filled balloons.

Attached to each balloon will be a randomly selected card from a pack of Silent Protest. Anyone who retrieves one of the balloons and returns the


card will be sent a complete pack of Silent Protest.

The cards are just like regular playing cards. However, instead of numbers and suits on the front are simple everyday phrases – such as ‘Today I’m silent

as a protest against the war’, ‘coffee’, ‘Where is the lavatory’ and ‘Fuck

you’ – which the silent protestor can use to get through.

“The world seems to want to go to war. I don’t want it to,” Drummond explained. “Nobody who can do anything about stopping it is going to listen to me.

“Instead of thinking about my futility, I thought maybe I could manage a


day of silence, and I thought about the practicalities of getting through a

normal working day without saying a word. Maybe I could cut up a sheet of

white cardboard so that I would have a stack of cards that could fit in my

pocket? Instead of four suits there would be 52 cards with 52 short statements or questions or single useful words – maybe leave a couple blank for whoever, to add their own.

“I might not be able to manage more than a day of silence but if I got these

Silent Protest cards printed up and distributed to bookshops, maybe other

people would do days of Silent Protest which would soon mount up way past the 365 days that I originally envisaged.”

Drummond added that the silent protest was against “whichever war you want to stop: the one in your family or bedroom; the one at work or the war in a far-flung land”.