Bill Murray unveils new feel-good song ‘Happy Street’

The track was recorded with former Late Night With David Letterman musical director Paul Shaffer

A new song has been unveiled featuring Bill Murray on lead vocals. Check out the video for ‘Happy Street’ below.

The track was recorded for the upcoming album of Murray’s long-time friend and the former ‘Late Night With David Letterman’ musical director Paul Shaffer.

‘Happy Street’ is an old-school, feel-good, sing-along that starts with Shaffer approaching Murray to discuss how he’s just “loving the way that I’m walking baby”, before celebrating all the simple wonders of the world and looking on the bright side of life. It comes with an animated video that shows the pair and the rest of the world living in perfect harmony.

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Paul Shaffer and The World’s Most Dangerous Band’s self-titled album will be released on March 17.

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This is the latest in a series if brilliant antics from Murray – after appearing to play golf in the Oval Office with former President Barack Obama in a special video campaign to encourage people to get health insurance.

Recent months have also seen him crashing a White House press conference to discuss baseball earlier this year, buying beers for everyone in his section when the Chicago Cubs won the world series – and when footage and photos of his tearful response to their win, as well as a string of drunk and elated interviews, went viral across the internet.