BILLIE’S BACK – BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO! crashes a party to hear tracks from Billie's new album - and uncovers the teen star's new direction and secret desire to star on 'This Morning With Richard & Judy'...

Billie Piper, the teen star who shot to Number 1 aged 15 with her debut single ‘BECAUSE WE WANT TO’, unveiled selected tracks from her comeback album last night (March 29) and revealed to that it’s not chart action she longs for – but a guest slot on ITV’s This Morning with Richard and Judy show.

Talking exclusively to nme.comduring the party at her label Virgin’s London headquarters, the 17-year-old said: “Over the last year, I’ve been chilling out, taking things easy, taking my time to write the songs. I’ve also been watching ‘This Morning with Richard and Judy’ fairly religiously. I love ‘Richard And Judy’ and I can’t wait to appear on their show again. They’re such nice people.”

Three tracks from the as yet untitled album, slated for a September release, were revealed. ‘Walk Of Life’, ‘Because Of You’ and ‘Safe With Me’ all align Billie more closely with the acoustic, semi-adult and more indie orientated sound of Natalie Imbruglia than teen-queen contemporaries Christine Aguelira and Britney Spears.


The video for her single ‘Day And Night’ – which also received a world premiere – confirmed that Billie had ungone a major rebranding at the hands of her record company. Replacing the look of before was rock-girl chic, with Billie in a series of low cut tops and a track that was somewhat harder and American sounding than any previous singles.

Co-written by Billie and Elliot Kennedy (his credits include S Club 7), it will be released on May 8.

Billie confirmed she was keen to get back.

“There’s been loads of things I’ve missed,” she said. “I missed being up there with all the other artists. I miss listening to the charts and hearing where my record is. I miss seeing my videos on MTV – its almost addictive. You need a break now and again, but I’m gagging to get back out there. I just need it more and more.”

Watch out Ms Imbruglia

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