The slain Beatle is mentioned in the case of the woman accused of making death threats against Billie Piper...

The trial against BILLIE PIPER’s alleged stalker has been adjourned for summing-up today (February 7), after the Court heard the prosecutor draw an analogy between her case and attacks against the THE BEATLES.

According to ITN, prosecutor Mark Aldred commented: “We all know the fate of John Lennon and George Harrison… it’s a fact that, sadly, people in the public eye can and do attract dangerous and unwanted attention.” He added that as a result of such attention, celebrities such as Billie, “need the kind of protection from the law that we all deserve, perhaps more so.”

As reported previously on NME.COM, during the trial of Juliet Peters, 32, from East London, the jury heard that she launched the alleged campaign after believing that Billie gave her a dirty look when she was in the audience of the TV pop show The Pepsi Chart Show. She sent a letter to her fan club, then began leaving messages on the answering machine of record company, Innocent, which included threats to decapitate her, burn her body to a cinder and shoot her parents through the head.


Peters denies making five death threats against Billie between August 14 and 25, and four threats against her parents Mandy and Paul. Mr Aldred said that the phone calls were calculated and efforts had been made by the accused to cover her tracks.

The defence for Peters have argued that the calls were not meant to be taken seriously, and Tom MacKinnon, defending, described them as “a bad joke of the highest order.” He added: “They were wild threats no-one in their right mind could believe… she is just a sad, lonely, solitary person who has never had children or lived with a boyfriend.”

Judge Brian Pryor QC is yet to sum up in the trial, which has been adjourned.