Billie Eilish backs ‘No Music On A Dead Planet’ climate change campaign during livestream

"The world is dying and people are dying"

Billie Eilish has once again lent her support to the ‘No Music On A Dead Planet’ campaign, performing in front of the slogan on her recent livestreamed show.

The concert was announced earlier this month (October 7) and is was broadcast over the weekend (Saturday 24).

Eilish performed from Los Angeles alongside Finneas and her touring drummer Andrew Marshall on a 60ft x 24ft stage surrounded by 100ft x 24ft 360 LED screens, providing 3D, real-time-content integration.


During the track ‘All The Good Girls Go To Hell’, she performed in front of footage of forest fires and melting ice-caps, and then displayed the words ‘No Music On A Dead Planet’.

Standing in front of the slogan, Eilish urged her fans to vote in next week’s presidential election.

“Pease, vote people. We have 10 days til this election. It is is so important that you vote, especially if you’re young, because we’re the ones with futures — unless you don’t vote and we all die,” Eilish said.

“But I cannot stress enough, vote as early as you can. I voted last week… We’ve gotta do something, because the world is dying and people are dying and Trump is the worst.”


It’s not the first time Eilish has backed the ‘No Music On A Dead Planet’ campaign. At the American Music Awards last November she wore a shirt with the message written on it.

Other artists who have pledged their support for the organisation include Foals, Savages and The 1975.

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