Billie Eilish says she “can’t stop listening” to The Strokes’ new album

Finneas introduced her to 'The New Abnormal'

Billie Eilish has expressed her love for The Strokes‘ recent album ‘The New Abnormal‘, saying that she “can’t stop listening to it”.

The ‘Bad Guy’ pop star appeared on Apple Music’s Beats 1 station this week to discuss her upcoming radio series, Me & Dad Radio.

Speaking to host Zane Lowe, Eilish also touched on a range other subjects including the ongoing coronavirus crisis, postponing her scheduled live shows and the progress on new music.

At one point in the chat, the singer revealed she had been introduced to The Strokes’ sixth LP recently by her brother and collaborator Finneas. “I heard a lot of things about it and I just didn’t think to listen, just because sometimes – even if it’s something I’m interested in – I just won’t really try,” she explained.


The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas performs live. CREDIT: Getty

“…With The Strokes album, I just turned it on. Finneas played me a song and I thought it was so good and I was like, ‘You know what, let me just bite it and that’s go’. And yesterday I downloaded the whole thing. No, no, two days ago, my bad.”

Eilish went on to say that she “just can’t stop listening” to Julian Casablancas and co’s latest effort. “I’ve been listening to it since then. 18 times a day, I swear.”

Eilish’s Me & Dad Radio show will kick-off tonight (May 8) at 8pm (BST). It follows on from her 2018 Beats 1 venture, Groupies Have Feelings Too.

“My dad and I have had this relationship over the years of sharing music with each other,” Eilish told Lowe. “My dad has shown me some of my favourite songs in the world and I’ve shown him songs that he loves and adores also.”