Listen to Billie Eilish speak about her debut album and mental health issues in revealing new interview

The singer also spoke about working with her brother

Billie Eilish has opened up to Zane Lowe in a revealing new interview about her upcoming album and her ongoing mental health issues.

In the interview, a part of Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1, Eilish spoke candidly about her struggles with depression and how she suffers with night terrors – a topic she revealed she was covering on her album.

The singer also elaborated on the concept behind her upcoming album and gave an insight into working with her brother.


Speaking about her album, Eilish said: “The album is basically what happens when you fall asleep. For me, in every song in the album there’s sleep paralysis. There’s night terrors, nightmares, lucid dreams.”

Eilish went on to describe how she had suffered with night terrors herself: “I’ve always had really, really bad night terrors. I’ve had sleep paralysis five times. All my dreams are lucid so I control them.

“I know that I’m dreaming what I’m dreaming, so I don’t even know. Sometimes I’ll have dreams where the thing that was in my dream will happen the next day. It’s so weird. Its’ so weird.”

You can hear Eilish talking about her debut album and the dreams in the video below:

The singer also described working with her brother. “We see each other in a way that doesn’t require needing to tell each other. That’s also regarding the way that Finneas looks at the album when she was explaining to me yesterday. You can explain what you were saying to me.


“I just was thinking he sees me as I am instead of going into a session with a total stranger. This is what’s going on and this is how I feel.”

Speaking about the depression she suffers from, Eilish said it had “controlled everything in [her] life.”

“I’ve always been a melancholy person. I feel like there are some people that neutrally they’re happy.”

Eilish went on to say that she hoped her work and openness when talking about her mental health inspired her fans.

“It’s different for some people and it’s okay. I feel like people are just so weird about it because people that aren’t neutrally unhappy don’t understand how it is because they’re like, ‘Well why are you unhappy all the time when you have da da da da?'”