Billie Eilish says her therapist is “the only person I can talk to”

"I don’t know who to trust any more"

Billie Eilish has revealed that her therapist is the only person she can talk to, after losing trust with some of her closest friends.

The pop star, who NME praised for performing a “once-in-a-generation” show at Glastonbury this past weekend, said that fame has caused people to turn against her and she feels like she “can’t tell anyone” about her job.

Speaking to The Sunday Times Magazine, the ‘Bad Guy’ singer said: “‘I don’t know. People don’t like my job. I can’t tell anyone about it. Because either it sounds like I’m bragging, or it sounds like I’m being ungrateful.


Billie Eilish at Glastonbury

“I’ve started going to therapy, because it’s the only person I can talk to.”

Referencing her friends back home in LA, Eilish said: “[Trust is a] huge one. Some really close friends last year that I thought I could trust completely just used the fuck out of my name. And then complained about it. I was like, ‘What are y’all doing? If you’re going to dick ride me, at least enjoy the ride.’ I don’t know who to trust any more.”

Eilish has been vocal about mental health. In May, the 17-year-old artist backed a new campaign that encourages people to talk about their experiences for AdCouncil’s ‘Seize The Awkward’ initiative.

“It doesn’t make you weak to ask for help,” she said in a campaign video. “It doesn’t make you weak to ask for a friend, to go to a therapist. It shouldn’t make you feel weak to ask anyone for help.”


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