Billie Eilish speaks out against “disrespectful” impersonators

"Please stop doing this shit"

Billie Eilish has asked people to stop impersonating her in public.

The pop star addressed the fact that those who do so are endangering themselves by being mobbed by fans who believe it’s her.

She also wrote on her Instagram stories that it’s “mean” and “disrespectful”.


Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish performs live. Credit: Getty

“Please stop doing this shit. It is not safe for you and it is mean to the people who don’t know any better you make me look bad (sic),” she wrote in one post.

Several people have taken advantage of copying Eilish’s distinctive look. In one case, photographer Jordan Matter was forced to apologise after a stunt he organised with a Billie impersonator performing a  backflip wasn’t approved by the singer’s team prior to the event.

“I had absolutely no intention of disrespecting Billie,” he wrote in an Instragram post, “I am a huge fan” before going on to explain that he took her management team’s silence for a green light.

Eilish has highlighted a number of other impressionists, including one who “made me look bad”.


Although seemingly distressed by a video in which a person walks through a street dressed as her, Eilish also made light of the situation by pointing out the fan’s choice of socks: “sooo disrespectful that you’d go out pretending to be me wearing THIS”.

In other news, Eilish announced earlier this week that she will perform at this year’s Oscars ceremony.

She confirmed the special show at the 92nd Academy Awards event on February 9, despite not being nominated for a prize.

It comes off the back of her Grammy success which saw her become the first woman to pick up the prize-giving organisation’s “Big Four” awards.