Billie Eilish takes on annual ‘Time Capsule’ interview for fourth year in a row: “This is getting out of hand”

"I'm doing this shit until I'm 90"

Billie Eilish has taken part in Vanity Fair‘s annual ‘Time Capsule’ interview for the fourth year in a row, stating that it’s “getting out of hand”.

First interviewed for the series back in 2017 when she was 15-years-old, Eilish answers the same questions each year about her life, career and what the future holds.

In the latest edition, which starts with Eilish joking that she’s going to be “doing this shit until I’m 90”, she watched her responses from last year, laughing and cringing at what she said in response to the questions across different years.


“Girl, please,” she said. “Talk about what’s gonna change? What’s gonna be different in a year?” she added, referring to the pandemic, mimicking her life taking a dive. “But not just you, everyone, because… coronavirus.”

“Definitely not where I thought I’d be currently, but also not mad at it,” she continued. “I’m very, very lucky to have had this year play out the way it did because for a lot of people, it was literal hell and I am very aware that I’ve been very blessed for the fortune I had this year.”

Eilish revealed the amount of Instagram followers she has, her most liked photo, and the most followed person she follows, while also reflecting on how much she has grown as a person and how important it is for her to use her platform for good.

“We went to tons of protests, we fought for people,” she shared. “That was a big thing this year too, huge accomplishment. We will never stop fighting. I will never stop fighting for you Breonna [Taylor], I will never stop fighting for all the Black and Brown people who have lost their lives to police brutality and literally just racism. I’ll never stop fighting for you ever, ever, ever.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Eilish revealed she has 16 new songs in the works with brother and producer Finneas.


“Right now I have 16,” the singer responded when asked how many songs she was currently working on. “We’ve been working. And I love them all.”

She also discussed feeling more confident in her songwriting abilities, advocating for herself and communicating her ideas.

“I think Finneas and I have just seriously really gotten in the groove. We do it so fast,” she explained.

“There was a period of time, a month ago or something, we were just texting the label like, ‘Song done, another song done, another song done.’ So, I’m so much better at it. I love it so much more. I actually really do enjoy it now and I do feel like I’m pretty good at it now.”