Billie Eilish urges fans not to stockpile amid coronavirus outbreak: “It’s not the apocalypse”

The star offered some words of wisdom yesterday

Billie Eilish has urged fans to “relax” and not stockpile goods as the coronavirus crisis continues to disrupt on a global scale.

The ‘Bad Guy’ artist, who was forced to postpone further live dates due to COVID-19 yesterday (March 16), took to Instagram Stories last night to offer advice on how to remain safe and calm whilst self-isolating.

“I wanted to talk about it because I know half the world is freaking out and half the world doesn’t give a fuck,” Eilish said.


“So I wanted to, just real quick, say: Don’t panic, but don’t be an idiot. Please take responsibility for your endurance of this. Because yeah, you could get it and you could be fine, but you could give it to your parents.

“You could give it to your grandparents, or your aunts, or your uncles, or your friend’s mom. It’s not about you.”

The pop star went on to call for people to “stop hoarding things” in response to recent lockdowns, reasoning that the current situation is “not the apocalypse”.

“I understand the panic, I’m just trying to say: Relax, but take it seriously,” she continued. “It’s a really, really big deal and people are losing their lives. And you gotta take care of yourself and take care of your family and the people that surround you.”


Highlighting the importance of social distancing, Eilish said: “Don’t go out. It’s OK. It’s fucking easy as fuck to not go out. Like, bro. Stay inside, it’s so easy.”

You can watch the full videos in the above tweets.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has advised UK citizens to avoid all “non-essential” contact with others as cases of the virus continue to increase worldwide.


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