Billie Joe Armstrong: ‘We accept anyone who feels marginalised at any Green Day event’

The band discussed homophobia in the music world, describing their gigs as a "safe place"

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has spoken about acceptance at the band’s shows, calling them a “safe place”.

The band took part in a webchat with the Guardian and were asked for their thoughts on homophobia in the music world and how LGBT rights in the US would fare under Donald Trump.

Armstrong replied: “We accept anyone who feels marginalised at any Green Day event. Period.”


He continued: “Especially if you’re gay or trans, black, white, brown, or of any nationality. Period. Green Day is a safe place for you to be. I think it’s a problem that we have to face every day, and we have to do whatever we can to fix it.”

During the chat, they also revealed what they would change about the music industry. Drummer Tre Cool said he would “probably teach music in schools again.”

He added: “Give kids free instruments when they’re young, and encourage them to play them. And everyone should be allowed to have their own pirate radio station.”

Armstrong also responded to one fan asking what the best thing they could do for America was following the election results. The frontman replied: “You can start by giving someone a hug. That’s good enough.”

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