Billie Joe Armstrong’s first beer pong game was against Post Malone

The 'Hollywood's Bleeding' singer/rapper is planning to soon stage his own virtual beer pong tournament for charity

Billie Joe Armstrong has revealed that he played his first-ever beer pong game against Post Malone.

Malone is a big fan of the popular beer-chugging party game, and he’s reportedly planning to stage a virtual beer pong tournament in the coming weeks. All proceeds from the competition will go towards the fight against coronavirus.

Malone and his tour manager Adam Degross played beer pong during a hosting stint on Adult Swim earlier this week, with Degross sharing a clip from the transmission on his Instagram yesterday (April 1).


In the comments section, Green Day frontman Armstrong revealed that he was introduced to beer pong by Post Malone, who he played his first game against.

After Degross responded with “we need round 2”, Armstrong replied: “Social distancing beer pong… beer tennis.”

While Armstrong has yet to voice his interest in taking part in Malone’s forthcoming beer pong contest, the frontman did broadcast a live performance from his home earlier this week as part of an Elton John-organised concert. The live-streamed event raised money for the coronavirus relief effort.

Last month, Malone was criticised for going through with his scheduled show in Denver just as the coronavirus outbreak was beginning to have major ramifications across the globe.


“Thought I [would see] empty seats for Post Malone in the middle of COVID-19 outbreak,”  Ryan Haarer, a reporter for Denver’s 9 News, said. “Turns out… it’s packed. So much for social distancing.”