The romance of the century is still on, plus Lil' Kim is set to talk sex with Britney and Christina...

Despite reports in a Sunday newspaper that entertainment’s favourite odd couple BILLIE PIPER and CHRIS EVANS had split – after a rather biblical 40 days and 40 nights – they are, according to all this morning’s red tops, still very much an item.

All that was needed was a weekend on Evans’ #6 million Surrey estate and a brisk walk.

However, NME.COM’s favourite new Posh’n’Becks – Kerry ‘Calm Down’ Katona ex of Atomic Kitten and Bryan ‘Beefy’ McFadden of Westlife – have apparently been rowing more than a little of late. According to the Daily Star, Kerry has admitted to having frequent pops at big Bryan, but puts it down to her hormones playing up.


“I have been a right cow to Bryan recently. I don’t mean to be horrible, but I can’t help it. Basically my hormones are all over the place due to my being pregnant – and Bryan has been on the receiving end”.

The Star also reports that Britney, Christina and Lil’ Kim are to take part in a live MTV debate about sex in the music industry. The mighty triumvirate will get to it on February 9. While NME.COM believes there is little Kim could teach Christina, is Justin Timberlake in for a few pleasant surprises when Britney gets home that night?

Elsewhere, The Sun runs a couple of pictures of Kylie in a revealing top, performing on a German TV show – which is nice – but revelations are in short supply in The Mirror. The catty 3am Girls content themselves with having a go at Posh’s hair extensions, while London’s morning freesheet Metro quotes the mighty Spice Girl once again making life difficult for her football star husband.

Denying rumours of a Spice Girls split at the Midem Music awards in Cannes on Saturday, Posh said each of them were taking time off to work on solo careers adding, “I am concentrating on records and looking after my two babies. David might look grown-up, but he needs a lot of looking after.” Oh dear.