The star's Nottingham City In The Park slot is cancelled in favour of a trip to a Harley Street doctor...

Billie Piper was forced to pull out of a scheduled festival appearance in NOTTINGHAM over the weekend due to her ongoing kidney illness.

Piper was taken to see a specialist doctor in London‘s Harley Street over the weekend after falling ill during a performance on the BBC1 children’s TV show FBi.

As a result of her illness she was forced to cancel a show at the Nottingham City In The Park festival on Saturday evening (August 12), where she was scheduled to perform alongside the likes of All Saints, Ronan Keating, A1 and The Vengaboys.


A spokesperson for the festival told that her cancellation came only hours before she was set to take the stage. She said: “We got the news that she was unwell when we were on the site. She had been doing a television appearance earlier in the day and I think her illness just deteriorated. We’re all obviously very concerned for her.”

A spokesperson for Billie added: “We’re going to make sure that she has a more balanced promotional schedule in the future. We pulled the Nottingham show and a promotional trip to Sweden as a precaution.”

This is not the first time that Billie has suffered problems with her kidney. On June 16 this year, the 17-year-old singer passed out in a bar in London as a result of a kidney infection.

Speaking in an interview in today’s Daily Record newspaper, Billie talks about her ongoing illness. She said: “The illness is stress related and I get it quite a lot.

“I’m on planes all the time and in different countries and time zones. I work nearly every day and then I go home and make my brain works overtime. When I collapsed it had simply come to a peak. My body had decided no more.”

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